Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What time is it? It's 11:58:59. Again?!?

Last night the girls and I went to see "Vantage Point" at the Hami Theater, which is right down the street from our neighborhood and the school. It's got 8 screens, so pretty impressive. And the seats at the theaters here are all assigned, unlike first-come, first-serve back home. The movie that I really wanted to see, though, wasn't playing at the Hami, so I might have to go downtown to watch it instead.

It turned out to be better than what I expected. It's a good commentary on how eyewitness accounts of an event can be so vastly different, even though everyone is witnessing the same thing at the same time. And no wonder that kind of evidence isn't reliable or admissible in court! If you're into a little conspiracy, a little action, and have some
patience to wait while the story is revealed, then you'll like this movie.

Today was our field trip to SungJeon Bakery in downtown Gwangju. The kids watched a series of puppet shows about not polluting our water, and we got free samples from the bakery tour! After the tour, we headed to the nearby park to eat lunch and enjoy the awesome weather. The kids bring their own lunches, and the teachers get box lunches of kimbab, a Korean sushi-like roll. It's pretty good, but one can only eat so much
kimbab before it gets old. Plus, when you have a bunch of your kids shoving their homemade kimbab in your face, wanting you to eat it, it gets older even faster! Luckily, we have fresh fruit and cherry tomatoes to eat too. (Here everyone eats cherry tomatoes like they're grapes or strawberries; it was a little strange at first to get used to.) After lunch we got to run around with the kids on the field right next to our picnic spot. These kids wear you out quickly, they want you to chase them around and around...or they want to chase you around and around until you collapse on the ground from sheer exhaustion. Where do they get all that energy?! But all in all, they are so cute! I took a picture of one of my kids today before we left, his name is Paul. I told him he was gangsta with his hat the way he wore it today. At six years old, I doubt he understands what that means.

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